Nichols Hills Cleaners

Nichols Hills Cleaners has been in the dry cleaning business for over fifty years. As a result, after many years of experience passed down through generations, you arrive at one place: excellence. Excellence, not a new concept, and it’s just tried and true methods of efficiency in action, unparalleled customer service, and uncompromising quality. We use Exxon DF-2000, one of the softest, most gentle dry cleaning solvents in the industry. We have the latest in modern equipment, and as always, our processes are environmentally friendly. At Nichols Hills Cleaners, we offer not only dry cleaning services but Wet cleaning, laundry fluff, Drapery service, Wedding Gown restoration, and disaster restoration, full-service alterations as well as a pickup and delivery service. Call (405)8434890 or come and see us today!