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Nichols Hills Cleaners
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What a great this is!

Nichols Hills Cleaner’s Wedding Gown Specialist:

An association that Nichols Cleaners is am member with Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

We are the only Oklahoma “ Certified Wedding Gown Specialist” That is registered with wedding gowns specialists. We give your gown the white glove care your gown deserves. Nichols Hills Cleaners does all cleaning in-house, which means that we do not send your gown to another vendor for cleaning. We at Nichols Hills Cleaners uses “Museum Care” wedding gown cleaning, restoration, and preservation recommended by top wedding gown designers worldwide. We offer cleaning of your gown, pressing, and the museum boxing for preservation. You can decide what services meet your needs.

Wedding gowns preservation boxes.
Wedding gowns preservation boxes.

Anti- sugar Treatment:

Spills that contain sugar, salt and/ or acid, such as white wine or wedding cake can cause spotting or yellowing in the gown. At Nichols Hills Cleaners we will use our unique anti-sugar treatment that’s been featured in “Modern Bride” and other Bridal magazines. This will ensure that that all sugar, salt and acid will be removed so the gown will not yellow in the future.

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We are so happy on my wedding day.
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Gentle cleaning followed by repairing loose thread and ornaments, then carefully packed in its own decorative, archival-quality box — protection from the elements and the effects of time itself.