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Drapery Cleaning Services

Nichols Hills Cleaners has offered drapery cleaning services since our doors opened in 1947.

Cleaning Your Drapes

The drapery in your home collects dust and dirt over time. Bring them in to Nichols Hills Cleaners to have them professionally cleaned, and they will look as good as new. We have the proper equipment and products to clean your drapery and leave them fresh and wrinkle free. We also provide drapery cleaning for hotels and businesses.

Your draperies are acting like a filter in your home! Cleaning your draperies on an annual basis can cut down on the allergens in your home. Dirt, exposure to the sun, and household heat cause fabric to wear and colors to fade. Our experts restore freshness and extend the life of your draperies.


Schedule Your Pick Up and Delivery

To make your cleaning experience even easier, we provide free pick up and delivery service. Schedule yours today!