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Gown Steaming & Pressing

Having your wedding gown steamed and pressed ensures a flawless result for your special day.

Wedding Gown Steaming and Pressing

Having your wedding gown steamed or pressed before your wedding day will remove any wrinkles and ensure you get the final look you desire. Each layer of your gown needs to be carefully steamed or pressed to give it the proper volume and appearance. Different fabrics require different techniques, so entrust the professionals at Nichols Hills Cleaners to provide the proper steaming or pressing your gown needs.

wedding gown with beaded bodice

Does Your Gown Need to Be Steamed or Pressed?

If you’ve purchased your gown second hand or traveled with it prior to your wedding, it will most likely need to be pressed or steamed to achieve the desired look. If you’ve recently purchased your gown and had it altered, it shouldn’t need additional pressing or steaming. Check with your seamstress to see if your gown has already been pressed or steamed. If you’re unsure, the team at Nichols Hills Cleaners is happy to help!

Inquire About Wedding Gown Services

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