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Wet Cleaning Services

This is a unique cleaning process that gently removed stains much better than traditional dry cleaning methods.

Wet Cleaning Services

As well as professional dry cleaning and laundry services, Nichols Hills Cleaners offers wet cleaning services. Wet cleaning is the perfect option for clothing that is too delicate to wash in your washer at home. Trust the experts at Nichols Hills Cleaners to provide you with the finest cleaning methods for all your garments.

spot treating a stain on clothing

What is Wet Cleaning?

Unlike dry cleaning, wet cleaning uses water along with specialty detergents to wash garments. This technique is more gentle on clothing than using your washer and dryer at home. Wet cleaning removes stains such as mildew, urine, and sweat better than dry cleaning. By using specialty machinery and gentle, environmentally friendly detergents, wet cleaning will prevent shrinking, preserve the color of your fabrics, and leave your clothing soft and fresh! 

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